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CoreData is used by various industry verticals and businesses, government agencies and organizations, NGOs as well as associations of all kinds.

Instant access for law offices and legal departments

CoreData empowers law firms to efficiently manage and keep all case files, forms, deposition notes, contracts and other confidential documents accurate and secure.

Easily retrieve your files through full-text searches, document templates, and organize your spaces by cases or contacts with our useful filtering to help legal teams stay focused on winning cases rather than dealing with papers.

  • Organize files by contact, case or any other parameter or tag
  • Add and save your email communication to case files and legal documents
  • Cut down document retrieval time of your legal staff with powerful searches
  • Specify user permissions and file access rules
  • Review legal files through comments and notes
  • Integrate with other leading solutions used within the law industry
Real Estate & Property Management
We are using CoreData to manage our cases and files. I can access, share, edit all information from anywhere and anytime. What we like most is the ability to manage document access and share specific files with specific people.
Vilborg Ásgeirsdóttir, CEO at Advel Attorneys

Stay in the know with all your properties and listings

Both real estate agents and property managers deal with lots of document-heavy work and often spend time outside the office. Therefore it is important for these industries to enable their staff to store, retrieve and share real estate listings or property information easily and on the go.

A comprehensive feature set of CoreData’s digital workplace solution enables real estate agents and property managers to focus their time and resources on opportunities rather than on paperwork and finding information or files.

  • Organize all your records, images, listings, and drawings so they are easily retrievable
  • Facilitate user access for important documents with suppliers, owners or tenants
  • Enable your staff to quickly find, check or add property information
  • Schedule important tasks, reminders or notifications for important deadlines

Win the battle against paper and go green

By nature, schools, universities and academic institutions are heavy on documentation, paper applications and workflows.

Deploying a reliable and easy-to-use document management solution in education sectors could reduce the cost of storage and office supplies as well as streamline application and register procedures by turning them into digital experiences.

  • Create a centralized place for all files of every format
  • Keep your student records, files and sensitive information securely stored
  • Authorize access to applications, diplomas, certificates and other files
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations requirements through record keeping and archiving capabilities
We are using CoreData to manage our cases and files. It is valuable that we can access, share and edit all information from anywhere and anytime.
Elfa Ýr Gylfadóttir, The Icelandic Media Commission, Director

Keep your patients healthy and their privacy protected

Equip your hospitals, clinics, care homes as well as pharmaceutical and scientific services companies with centralized, easy-to-use workspaces to streamline all document workflows.

Safely stored patient sensitive data, efficiently facilitated patients and healthcare document compliance are essential for a successful healthcare business.

  • Manage all your medical records, insurance and invoicing in a unified and secured system
  • Use Full-Text Search to get patient information instantly without digging through piles of paper files
  • Get compliant with healthcare regulations and privacy standards, and get ready for audits
  • Organize all of your documentation any way you need - by patient record number, healthcare or insurance codes
Finance & Accounting
CoreData has a powerful combination of features that every organization can benefit from. And if you get stuck, they will help you immediately.
Sigfús Rúnar Eysteinsson, Festa Pension Fund, Office Manager

Secure and protect your important files

Financial departments, accounting firms, pension funds and equity funds can benefit from using CoreData digital workspace to securely manage and efficiently facilitate all important files.

Invoices, receipts, budgets, expenses claims, orders, financial analysis and reports can be easily captured, stored and retrieved while document access control provides access to sensitive financial information from any location.

  • Maintain sensitive financial data securely for strict audits and inspections
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and privacy standards
  • Organize and index all your files by client, project or any other parameter
  • Data and Board Rooms available for specific projects that require separate storage and access control
  • Accelerate processes with an Electronic Signature and Login

Grow your business not your business documentation

No matter if you own a small or big business, a product manufacturing or service company, you can enhance your business documentation management and security, team productivity and agility.

Establish more efficient and transparent communication with your vendors and suppliers, and grant them authorized access to needed documents, orders, offers and invoices, etc.

  • Facilitate the entire process from orders, supply chain, production to invoicing and billing
  • Leverage Electronic Signature capabilities to accelerate your business
  • Equip your team with full-text search so they can do quick reporting and analysis
  • Handle all customer engagements through one tool, from orders to consumer feedback and complaints
  • Extend usage of your digital workplace to HR and asset management
We are using CoreData to manage our cases and files. I can access, share, edit all information from anywhere and anytime. What we like most is the ability to manage document access and share specific files with specific people.
Vilborg Ásgeirsdóttir, CEO at Advel Attorneys

Maintain the trust of your supporters and document every transaction

It’s equally as important to non-profit and non-governmental organizations as it is to profit businesses to have centralized document filing and role-based access to ensure transparency and information accuracy to their staff, volunteers and also supporters.

These non-profit organizations largely depend on funding and for them it’s important to easily track, store and quickly find information without searching through long email threads or misfiled documents.

  • Stay in control of when, where and how your files and transactions are shared
  • Report accurately and regularly without spending too much time on file searches
  • Increase transparency and trust by giving auditors and inspectors full access to relevant data
  • Minimize the cost of office supplies, shipping and printing

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