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CoreData Product Release 2.57

Product Release v2.57

Our product and development team have been hard at work during the summer months finishing up the upgrade to Python 3 as a part of the earlier announced second phase of the product hardening and security enhancement to CoreData solution and infrastructure.

So CoreData product release 2.57 brings security, stability, and performance improvements that add value to your work. Read on to learn about the enhancements and feature improvements released in September 2021.

Upgrade to Python 3.9

Because we have a clear vision of future CoreData product development, the upgrade to Python 3.9 was crucial for our solution. With this upgrade to the latest version of Python, we have protected our solution as well as our clients from serious security gaps and potential security vulnerabilities that unsupported and older code versions usually lead to.

Another benefit of running the CoreData solution on the latest Python version is that now it’s much quicker and easier to detect and fix code bugs.

Stability improvements and Automation testing

Throughout this process that took us a couple of months, every step of code porting has been accompanied by stability and automatic tests to ensure the code complies with all its functions. By implementing this thorough test coverage we are able to detect if any problems with the regular performance of the solution directly on the stage of development that makes it easier to fix the bugs before releasing them into production. 

Better organization and filtering of unwanted files in the Trash folder

The ability to filter out files that ended up in the trash folder of your organization by various criteria is empowering records managers who are core admin users to keep even unwanted files organized and structured. Now they can delete the trash files of a certain time frame from the trash folder completely.  

The global search widget got extended with more filters!

With this new 2.57 product release, CoreData global search widget got extended with new and additional filters that will help our clients be more efficient and productive. Updated global search widget brings more flexibility when filtering files and data by using multiple filter options and criteria.

We invite clients to check with their Success Managers which additional filter options could they benefit from depending on their needs and specific use cases.

Contracts overview enhanced 

Managing contracts with clients, vendors, suppliers, or customers and keeping track of the expiry dates can be a challenge. We are always listening to our client’s needs and pain points so therefore we have updated the CoreData Contract view with additional filters and statuses that make the contract management even more effective. By using new filter options you are able to list out contracts that are valid, expired, need revision, contract renewals, etc. These options help to gain full control over contract management and a good overview of the contracts.

Performance and API improvements 

Last but not least this product release is again rich with performance and API  improvements addressing CoreData product security and stability as well as code hardening. Our mission is to perform continuous improvements to the CoreData solution in order to create a secure and superb environment and experience for our clients.

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