New Partnership – CoreData & Dokobit

CoreData is glad to announce a valuable partnership with Dokobit, the biggest electronic signature solutions provider.

Thanks to this new partnership, from now on CoreData is supporting e-signing and e-identification services in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain, with more countries to follow in 2021.

CoreData – Dokobit Partnership Announcement

E-signing – simple, better, quicker document signing process

We extended CoreData capabilities to supporting document e-signing that will allow our clients to sign documents, contracts etc. directly through CoreData. No more meetings merely for paper document singing. This improves the user experience of CoreData clients, their employees, and partners. It also simplifies document singing in many senses: from cost saving to the prevention of forgery. 

E-identification – secure and quick customer information access

Another new CoreData capability that we can offer is a secure online identification feature that allows our clients, their employees, and vendors to use mobile phones as a form of a secure digital ID in 10 European countries.

E-identification is the process of unambiguously determining a person/entity’s identity by using electronic means which puts the process of filling out online forms or submitting documents through the post or in-person to the past.

Another obvious benefit is a better customer experience because users can now sign up for services entirely online and friction-free. It’s fast, convenient, and far more secure.

At CoreData, we are very excited about this partnership with Dokobit as both companies are committed to innovation and creating customer-focused solutions.

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