CoreData welcomes Reiknistofa bankanna

We are pleased to announce the addition of Reiknistofa bankanna to our growing financial industry client portfolio. Reiknistofa bankanna is an IT service provider for Icelandic financial institutions.

RB is an IT service provider for Icelandic financial institutions. The role of Reiknistofa bankanna is to be a key partner that creates value for its customers through the operation and development of secure infrastructure for the financial market.

CoreData’s role will be to enable Reiknistofa bankanna to centralize and organize their business documentation and records through an all-in-one digital workspace. 
Setting up a secure document management system with the highest level of Information security management, ISO27001, will support RB business to keep its sensitive business documentation organized and fulfill Icelandic national record management and archive requirements.

“Record managers are responsible for accurately, securely, and effectively managing information received and documents produced in the company. Being able to create a filing system tailored to our needs, where we can keep the records to be preserved for national archive purposes, is part of our business backbone and I am pleased to work with CoreData.

Hulda Valsdóttir, Record Manager at Reiknistofa bankanna

“We are proud that our experience in document organization, cloud storage as well as record management has led to this exciting new collaboration with RB. Also, we are lucky to have an opportunity to work with RB because they have a clear vision of their document strategy that CoreData can help execute.”

Helga Guðrún Lárusdóttir, Partner & Director of Sales and Client Success

About Reiknistofa bankanna:

RB is an IT service provider for Icelandic financial banks & institutions. RB has developed the clearing and settlement system in Iceland and many core banking solutions that are multi-tenant solutions used by most of the Icelandic banks. RB also operates an e-invoicing and e-payment system for corporates and consumers. 

RB is jointly owned by the three main Icelandic banks, two saving banks, the Icelandic Savings Bank Association, and the three main payment card processors in Iceland. 

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