Why you need e-Signing with your all-in-one document management system

In today’s world, deals, contracts, and new business — you name it — are moving, changing, and closing at an unprecedented pace. And that’s taking into account a market dominated by and acclimated to living through a pandemic.

To stay current with all of these developments, we’re proud that our all-in-one document management system (DMS) is the go-to solution that helps numerous business sectors remain organized, agile, and productive. But why hold things up by waiting for a signed doc to arrive by mail when everything else is in the cloud, especially when we have the solution as part of our services?

Sure, having all of your documents accessible, shareable, and organized in one place benefits you, your client, and your business, but the ability to have your documents electronically signed has proven to be a game-changer in today’s market. e-Signing with CoreData, through our partnership with Dokobit — one of Europe’s largest electronic signature solutions providers —  ensures a secure and easy online solution that will save you and your client’s time and money. The productivity benefits are too high to ignore: no more meetings for document signing, signature tracking for both parties, and a simple way to better organize your business and have a paperless office.

You don’t need pen, ink, or mail for document signatures 

Where to begin? Consider these numbers to get an idea of why incorporating e-signature services into your CoreData DMS is too good to pass up.

Because of this wait time reduction, productivity improvement for employees on either side of the transaction improves by a staggering 85%. Furthermore, reports indicate up to 80% error reduction by incorporating e-signature solutions in addition to an almost 80% reduction in turnaround time.

In other words, paper-based processes create massive roadblocks for workflow efficiency. These kinds of setbacks can cause trouble for your clients’ brands and your reputation as a DMS if you don’t adopt an e-Signature solution the way we have with Dokobit. Why wait five days for a signature through the mail when you could have it in less than an hour?

In a post-pandemic world, e-signatures are becoming the norm 

Due to increased remote work because of COVID-19, more companies are adopting document management platforms to centralize and organize their digital document workspace. And because practically all business processes are managed online, e-Signing has become an indispensable tool for CoreData’s clients. For a long time now, the world has electronically shared documents but relied on traditional methods to sign them (ink) and follow up with (mail), not to mention printing, scanning, and creating duplicates.

So, don’t let your business slow down because of outdated and inefficient document handling, signing, and management systems.

Here’s how you can benefit from using e-Signing with CordeData

Reduce turnaround time for your clients and business

Reduce operating costs by bundling e-Signature capabilities with your DMS. Why pay for multiple solutions if you don’t need to?

Optimize the efficiency of your document processes. There’s no need to switch, export, and transfer documents between different software applications

Enjoy a seamless signing experience and sharing capabilities directly from CoreData. You can create, share, review and collaborate, e-Sign, store, and track your documents from anywhere in the world 

Storage. CoreData takes care of document retention and long-term storage, so there’s no need for other third-party cloud solutions

Data security and integrity. All e-Signing operations comply with ISO/IEC 27001 — the internationally recognized standard for leading information security management practices

Improve visibility and accountability. Know exactly what’s going on with your documents at any time and see all actions performed by all users with an audit trail

So, how does e-Signing work?

Because of our integrated partnership with Dokobit, clients can easily collect signatures in minutes within CoreData. The signatures used aren’t just scribbled images on a doc. All signatures use high-assurance eIDs and meet every regulation set forth by the EU eIDAS.

E-signing is currently supported in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Belgian, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

Let CoreData make your signing processes digital

We’ve seen countless clients across all sectors benefit enormously when adding e-Signatures to their CoreData all-in-one document solution. We know your business and your clients stand to benefit, too. We’d be happy to show you e-Signing in action. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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