The only digital workspace your organization needs.

Manage all your work on one platform and improve your company productivity, document security & workflow efficiency.

Reduce document clutter and organize your work

Centralize all your files in one place and gain control

Use Spaces and Dashboards to store and manage your documents, cases, record entries and activities

Cut document retrieveal time from minutes to seconds

Full-text Search provides instant search results based on the content of files, metatags, projects, contacts and record types

Increase consistency and standardize your templates

Engage and equip your team with Custom Document Templates to gain clarity and increase your company efficiency

Secure and protect your business data

Safe & synced

Secure Access (HTTPS, SSL), Automatic Backups and Data Recovery all ensure your data is protected against data loss and unauthorized modifications and distribution

Reduce the risk of internal and external data breaches

Define Access Rights and user permissions individually and per user groups for easier control of record history and entry

Comply with privacy standards like GDPR/CCPA/ISO/IEC 27001

Secure file-sharing for board communications

Facilitate important deals and processes through virtual Board Rooms and Data Rooms in a controlled manner and confident environment

Modernize and digitalize your business process and experience

Application process made easy

Modernize and digitalize the entire process of submitting forms, applications, and documents by leveraging Application Portal capabilities

Empower your customers with an E-digital signature

Provide a convenient and secure way to sign contracts and prevent unnecessary delays when posting documents to other parties.

Makes work easy for everyone

Designed for everyday use and non-tech savvy people

Collaborate inside and out of your organization

Collaborate anytime and everywhere

You can create, assign and resolve tasks; share files, folders and spaces; post comments, notes and approvals. All in one place, wherever you are

Document transparency and communication clarity

Activity Stream and Notifications enable work to be more transparent and document updates, versioning and progress easily tracable

CoreData works where you work

Available Integrations with many outside tools a business might use, like Outlook or Google Docs

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